What's on Your Menu?


How do you decide what to put on the menu for your event?

Firstly, let's talk about the time of the day the event is being held. A morning or lunch time event, will require different items to one being held in the evening. The former will tend to have "heavier" items on the menu with the latter being smaller items, unless it's a dinner of course!

This therefore leads to the style of the event you're having:
Cocktail i.e. standing with limited seating vs Sit Down i.e. a seat is being provided for each invited guests.
Consider the type of event and overall feel you will like your guests to have as well as the time of the day the event is being held.

Here are some additional things to consider when selecting your menu items:

1. Meal requirements of the guests - do you have vegans, vegetarians, guest with allergies or dietary restrictions etc
What if you don’t know all your guests like that? 
A balanced menu is always recommended! One that caters to different needs at the same time. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer for their guidance on that based on the budget you’re working with! 

2. Meal service - do you prefer a cocktail style, buffet style, plated or passed. 
Cocktail and passed service are best for more informal/relaxed settings. 
You want to have your guests sit down and enjoy the meal without going to the buffet, well, because, you're not a fan of buffet lines? You may want to explore a plated service.  This is where the food comes to your guests on the table.  In exploring this option, you may want to have menu cards on the table for guests to select which items they will like to have to try as best as possible to minimise wastage.

Bonus Tip
Consider spicing up your buffet with a live station - pasta station or carving station. This will definitely take your guest experience up a few notches and their experience is what is going to have them talking about your event for time to come!!

Make sure it’s raved reviews. 

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