Why should I have a Same Day Wedding Coordinator?


How does the process work?

What do we do on the day?

Why do I need a same day coordinator?

Yes, we hear it all the time! 

We know your time is precious so we're gonna break it down for you in some quick points!

So how does the process work?

We have a chat with you (can call it a consultation if you wish) to hear the great plans you have taken your time to craft and decide on, learn who your vendors are, give any tips / advice to help you cross out any outstanding things on that to do list!  (We go in deeper in our blog here!)

What do we do on the day?

1. Oversee that things are set up just as you planned.

2. Manage the flow of your day and ensure everything runs smoothly.

3. Solve any problems that may arise and keep you calm in the process. (What will do you if power went in the middle of your reception?.... yes happened to us.. listen to our video to hear the story.)

Why a same day coordinator?

Because you deserve to enjoy the day with your family and friends and have that weight taken off your shoulder.

Because you deserve to not have to be concerned with what's happening in the background.

Because you deserve to make the memories with your family when your favourite song comes on...undisturbed.

Don't take our word only, here's what some of our brides and their family had to say: