Wedding Reception Programme


I got a whatsapp from a friend:
"Tish, I'm going to MC my cousin's wedding in 10 mins. Can you send me a programme line up? Just want to be sure of the order"
Me: What!? 😯
Me: OK. Hold on. (*thinking but what madness is this*)

I sent her the basic order below and told her she'll have to be guided by the toasts they have planned and the sticking of the cake and first dance can be done before dinner. (All depends on what they want!")

Order of Reception.png

Of course this is a suggested order should you decide to do "everything".  You can edit and amend to suit the number of toasts, eliminate the additional dances and bouquet/garter "drama" (lol) if you wish.
You may also choose to go straight to Dinner after your entrance and do your toasts after.

Whatever order you choose.....

Advice: Go through your reception programme with your MC/Host before hand, even if it's a family member! No winging it! 

More advice: Ask us to help you set this up if you're not sure.  We offer this as part of our coordination packages which you can look at here. We will help you decide who speaks when and how long they should speak and ensure they don't cut into your dancing time!

Email us at or contact us here, let's set up your FREE 15 minute consultation.