The Event Day BIBLE: Your Event Timeline


No matter the event, whether it is is for an hour or all day; you NEED to create an event timeline!

The timeline is your directional map for the day; it allows you to see how the entire day will flow and identify any overlaps that need to be sorted or gaps that need to be closed in the flow of your event. It gives you a birds eye view and control of the entire event and minimises confusion, because most importantly, the timeline keeps EVERYONE on the same page!

How do you do it?
- Go through everything that needs to happen on the day of the event and assign the time when it needs to happen and how long it will take. It will help to walk through the day as things are suppose to happen.

- Arrange everything in chronological order so that it flows. (Because there are things you will remember along the way that you may have to put in the right place).

Once prepared:
- Share it with everyone it concerns or has a role to play on the day

- Appoint someone (if you do not have a coordinator) to manage it.  If things are running off schedule or there needs to be a change in programme, this person will have oversight of everything and be able to guide the rest of the team accordingly.

We explain how it works AND provide you with a FREE template here:

If you need help preparing one, send us a message here and we'll help you work through this.