5 Things to consider when selecting your Event Date



You plan on hosting your special event but are back and forth on deciding on the date. Here are things to consider:

1.  Days that are significant to you the host or even your intended guests
Will hosting your event on a special day be more meaningful to you and/or your guests.  Consider any special/significant dates - Anniversaries, World Commemorative Days, Birthday etc.

2. Availability of your desired venue
One thing you know for sure is where you will like to host your event! Check in with the venue to see what dates they have available.  This will be a great place to start to help you narrow down those options for your date.

3. The season
Is it generally a busy time of the year? Is school on vacation or holidays.

Will the weather affect the logistics of your event? Outdoor events ALWAYS need to have contingencies for weather changes.  Know the weather season you're hosting your event in and plan accordingly.

If hosting your event on a public holiday, take into consideration that vendors may either be in demand or costs may be a bit higher than a 'low' time. (Tip: It's often easier to negotiate prices during 'low' seasons). Prices are generally higher around holidays and busy seasons. This leads us to point 4...

4. Dates with high competition
Try to avoid these especially if your event is on a tight budget. (We hope you have a budget for your event. Don't? Click here

Also, choosing a "popular" date for your event will require you to plan early.  Vendors tend to be booked quickly on those dates and you don't want to have to settle for "second best" because your preferred vendor was not available. Weekends and public holidays are general busy days for events. If a weekday is an option, go for it! Unless your event relates to the holiday itself, both religious and public holidays are usually challenging days to work with.

5. Special Guests
Do you have someone special that you really need to have attend your event? Consider finding out what time period works best for them so you can factor that in - Family member, Guest Speaker, VIP guest. Are they from out of town or even out of the country? 

Does your guest list include persons who are typically busy a particular time of the year. Are they affected by other events that may be happening during that intended time? Once you have the flexibility to, get the "no good" dates for them.

Ultimately, you have the final say on the date you choose to host your event but we understand that it's not a decision that is made in isolation.

Do you think you still need some help deciding? Book a free planning consultation here with us and we will be more than happy to help you finalise that date.