3 simple ways to help get those RSVPs in!!


You may think your friends, family, invited guests are pretty reliable, but just wait until your RSVP time rolls around for your event. The semi-flaky folks only get flakier and the people who can't come assume it's cool to just not respond at all.

Now, we're not saying these tips and tricks will completely fix the problem, however, they should increase your overall response rate.

✨ 1. Give them options - the more ways your guests can say yes or no to the wedding, the better. (email, call, text...)

✨ 2. Choose simple wording - oftentimes guests don't really know what RSVP means nor do they understand that a response is needed even if they are declining the invitation. Using wording such as, 'The favor of your reply is requested by [insert date]' in place of 'RSVP' makes it crystal clear.

✨ 3. Don't provide a lengthy RSVP time frame - Keep it short! This will put more pressure on people to get their responses in rather than putting it off, which often turns into not responding at all. 

Bonus: if your event is one that can "reward" guests for confirming their attendance, think of a unique way of doing so! 

It's so important to get your RSVPs confirmed, as this affects your decor (seating), catering (food & bar) and ultimately your BUDGET. 

Because, let's be honest, empty tables can't eat and nobody wants to hear "OMG! we've run out of food!"

The next time you're invited to an event, please...take 1 minute of your time to respond and let the host know if you're able to attend...or not!

Need help in managing the RSVP list for your event? Give us a call or send us a message, let's help you keep that list under control!