Cocktail Hour? Needed or no?

Cocktail Hour? Needed or no? | Caribbean Destination Weddings | TCJ Events Planner | Trinidad and Tobago Wedding Planner

All too often we come across the same format for how the wedding day should run. But what happens if you don't want to follow ' the norm'?? One of these 'norms' is the Cocktail Reception; is it really necessary??

Cocktail Hour? Needed or no? | TCJ Events Trinidad and Tobago Wedding Planner | Destination Weddings

To Have
This actually depends on two main factors:
- cost
- location

Remember, during this time, your guests will require food and drinks, and even, in some cases, entertainment. All this will add up financially. So speak to your caterer, as they will be able to advise on the items and quantities that you may need based on the guest count and time that they will be awaiting your arrival. Talk to your DJ, as you may want a specific genre of music during this period. You may decide to have a soloist or musician provide entertainment during this time.

Where will you be hosting the cocktail reception? Most venues have ideal locations; a space separated from the main dining room, outdoor lawn area/ decking, or reception foyer.

If not, there are options. You could prepare 'table activities' for your guests to partake in. Wouldn't this be a great opportunity for guests to get to know those on there tables (if not already known)?
Utilize your MC! They are there, as indicated in the previous newsletter, to fill in the gaps of your programme! 

Or Not to Have
You have already decided that this option is not for you; it is advisable to indicate this fact via your official wedding invitation. This will allow invited guests to plan their movements between the ceremony and dinner reception.

But if we could provide you with helpful tips to keep your cocktail reception to a minimum, would you consider including it into your big day??

Send us a message and let us know!